Mowing Reed in Norfolk

At the end of January Phil and I travelled to the winter meeting of the Scythe Association (SABI). This year the meeting was hosted by Richard Brown in Norfolk. As well as attending to the business of the Scythe Association the group spent two enjoyable sessions mowing in the wetland nature reserve that Richard helps manage.View over The Saltings
Called “The Saltings”, the approximately 8 hectare reserve is dominated by common reed. Areas of reed are cut annually to maintain a diversity of age and cover and therefore a diversity of habitat. While some areas are cut in rotation at intervals of several years, the area we helped cut is mown annually using scythes.

Attaching bow 1Simple willow cradleAttaching bow 2Before we went out to mow we all equipped our scythes with a simple willow or hazel cradle. The reed is very tall and the bow is needed to catch and carry the tall reed as it is cut and deposit it in a neat windrow to the left of the mower.

With a strong ditch type blade the stiff reed was very enjoyable to cut and the group soon cleared a sizeable area. It was great to have the opportunity to do a couple of good mowing sessions so early in the year, and with good company too.
Mowing Reed in NorfolkMowing reedSharpening in the reedsReed cutting - progress

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Forging a Peening Anvil

If you are looking for a project to see you through the quieter scything season, how about forging your own peening anvil?

Here is a well presented guide by Rowan Taylor.

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Christmas Scythes

If you would like a scythe before Christmas, please place your order before 4pm on Wednesday 21st December. This will enable us to meet UPS’ last Christmas shipping date.

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Scything in the city

Here is a lovely little animation featuring some mini urban scythers. Watch right to the end for a little scythe safety tip.

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Learn to Scythe in 2017

biodynamic-calendarAs Autumn turns to Winter we are already thinking ahead to the Spring and the start of the main scything season.

Our 2017 gardening diary recently arrived through the post and some of the blanks have already been filled with course dates – see here for details, more dates to follow soon.

Learn to Scythe

Learning to Scythe in the sunshine, 2016

Of course before we get to the New Year there is Christmas to think of. An Introductory Scythe Course could make an unusual Christmas gift – gift vouchers are available here.

Or if your intended recipient is already a keen scyther how about a place on a Peening Workshop to help them get more from their scythe?

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Scything on Coast and Country (ITV Wales)

coast-and-countryBack in August we spent an enjoyable day with Andrew from Coast and Country (ITV Wales), talking about scything and hand hay making.

The piece will be going out this Friday 14th October at 8pm on ITV Wales.

If you live outside of Wales, the programme will be available at Coast and Country, Series 4, Episode-17

The part recorded at the Trust starts at 11 minutes and 30 seconds

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Falci Blades and The Scything Handbook

Falci 128 70cm

Falci 128 Trimming blade (70cm)

The 50 cm length of the Falci 128 Trimming blade is now back in stock, as is the 80cm length of the Falci 106 International Meadow blade.

Falci 106 80cm 90cm

Falci 106 International Meadow blade (top -90cm, bottom – 80cm)

scything-handbook_plc-3-juneWe also have received stock of The Scything Handbook from the publishers, which is now available to buy from the book section of the shop. Something to read during the lengthening autumn evenings perhaps?

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