Forging a Peening Anvil

If you are looking for a project to see you through the quieter scything season, how about forging your own peening anvil?

Here is a well presented guide by Rowan Taylor.

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2 Responses to Forging a Peening Anvil

  1. Gribin Isaf says:

    Quiet scything season…

    I am still working my way across our once acre meadow removing two years of growth in the hope of letting something other than the grass have a chance this coming season.

    I have discovered that scything frozen grass is very satisfying.

    • scythecymru says:

      Ha, yes, it’s quieter for us (scythe-wise at least) but not for all!

      Yes, frozen grass mows well. I hope the work bears fruit for you come the spring.

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