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The hidden promise of the winter wildflower meadow – the role of grazing in management

It’s officially Spring, yet at this time of year the wildflower meadows are keeping the glory to come well hidden. A combination of autumn grazing by our two cows, followed by winter grazing by our flock of  sheep has left … Continue reading

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Sharpening up for the Scything Season

It’s International Peening Day on 2nd April, the perfect time to get your blade ready for the busiest months of the scything year. If you want some help to start peening or to improve your skills come along to our … Continue reading

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Seedy Saturday 2017

We’ll be taking scythes along to this lovely community event in Carmarthen this Saturday, 4th March. Come along and say hello!

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Carmarthenshire Meadows Group

If you own, manage or are looking to create a wild flower meadow in or near Carmarthenshire, however small or large, or simply have an interest in meadows, the Carmarthenshire Meadows Group may be a useful source of information. Their … Continue reading

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Mowing Reed in Norfolk

At the end of January Phil and I travelled to the winter meeting of the Scythe Association (SABI). This year the meeting was hosted by Richard Brown in Norfolk. As well as attending to the business of the Scythe Association … Continue reading

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Forging a Peening Anvil

If you are looking for a project to see you through the quieter scything season, how about forging your own peening anvil? Here is a well presented guide by Rowan Taylor.

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Christmas Scythes

If you would like a scythe before Christmas, please place your order before 4pm on Wednesday 21st December. This will enable us to meet UPS’ last Christmas shipping date.

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