Learn to Scythe by Steve Tomlin – £10Learn to scythe

The best book out there to help you use a scythe, whether you are starting from scratch or looking for a refresher after a course. (See our review here)The back of the book says it all:

“Whether you have a garden, allotment, orchard or meadow, the scythe is a lightweight, quiet and sustainable tool for cutting grass, weeds and other vegetation. In the first book of its kind, scythe tutor Steve Tomlin takes you step by step through the skills needed to master this ancient tool – setting up the scythe, mowing with ease, sharpening and peening the blade and more. With clear instructions and photographs, you’ll be ready to leave the strimmer behind and discover a new pleasure in managing your land.”


The Scything Handbook – £14.99scything-handbook_plc-3-june

The newest Scything book on the block. The publishers say:

“Written by a master of the scythe, professionally trained in Austria, and drawing deeply on research into original German texts, The Scything Handbook brings centuries-old scything techniques into the 21st century.

Detailed illustrations cover scythe assembly, perfecting the stroke, blade selection, honing, peening, and aftercare, as well as background on how scythes are forged. Also covered are the basics of making hay and mulch by hand, and how to grow and harvest gains at the home and homestead scale for self-sufficiency


Managing Grass with a Scythe by Simon Fairlie – £6

New revised and extended edition, an excellent book with guidance on how to manage grassland with a scythe, everything from hay making to mowing the lawn.

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