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The Scythe is the ideal tool for the garden or smallholding. It is versatile, green and fun to use!

Setting up the scytheMost of our courses are held on the wildflower meadow of Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust in South West Wales and are led by experienced mower and Scythe teacher Phil Batten.

Phil was taught to scythe by the renowned scythe master, Peter Vido at the first West Country Scythe Festival in 2005. Since then, the scythe has become an indispensable tool and Phil has built up considerable experience with its use and maintenance. Phil has won medals for the quality of his scything and now teaches at the festival as well as at the Trust.

What we offer on our courses:

        • Lots of hands on experience of all aspects of the use of the scythe. We find people learn best by doing.
        • The benefit of our experience in the use of the scythe. We are not just scythe teachers – we use the scythe almost daily in a variety of situations.
        • A chance to “try before you buy” or help to get your scythe set up well, if you own one already.
        • Friendly, relaxed learning environment
        • The opportunity to visit a permaculture smallholding where the scythe is integral to the management

“Thanks for a great day on Saturday, I learnt far more than I expected to!
Very pleased with the two scythes I brought home and yesterday managed four
hours of practise.”
Course Graduate Bill of Growing Ruabon

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Peening and Sharpening Workshops
A really sharp blade can transform your mowing experience.
Scythe Courses for Improving your Technique
Includes "Mowing with Ease" workshop at the Trust and the Improvers Course at the West Country Scythe Festival

Courses – Further information, local accommodation, terms and conditions.

Bespoke Courses

We can run bespoke courses at the Trust or on your land (Wales only) on any aspect of scything, for groups of up to 8 people. Please contact us for details.


We hand make hay by hand from July onwards, as weather permits. Volunteers welcome to come for up to two weeks at a time to help and learn. We also accept volunteer help in exchange for a place on a scythe course.

For more details on all courses and bookings:


Camping space is available for all courses if you are travelling from further afield.

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