Peening and Sharpening Workshops

6th-Aug-Peening.jpgThe key to relaxed, easy mowing that is gentle on your body is a REALLY sharp blade, so learning to peen and sharpen well can transform your mowing experience.

This is a day long workshop to help you really get to grips with the art of sharpening and peening your blade. Knowing how to get your blade really sharp can make a lot of difference to the ease and quality of your mowing.

A Peening JigSubjects covered will include setting up and using a peening station, peening with a jig, free-hand peening and blade repair. There will be plenty of time to work on your own blade and get it into top mowing condition with help on hand.

Perhaps you haven’t managed to get a jig out yet and have a go? Come along to the workshop and give your blade it’s first peen with help on hand. If you have been using your blade heavily but haven’t peened it yet there may be a fair amount of work to do to get it back into tip top condition – we’ll have our peening machine out to make the job easier.

If you have already have had a go, congratulations! The workshop can help you improve your skills to get a sharper, longer lasting edge. We can also look at how to repair nicks in the blade edge or take the step from jig peening to freehand peening on an anvil.

This course is a useful addition to the peening taught on the Introductory course, or for the more experienced mower who would like to take their blade care to a higher level.

Peening equipment will be provided, although you are also encouraged to bring your own. Bring your own blade, practice blades will also be available. There will be an opportunity to purchase further scythe and peening equipment.

“Thank you for helping arrange the course today, it was choc full of
scything information.”
Jake, SW Wales, 2015 course graduate

Cost – £40
Time – 10am-4pm

Dates are now available for 2017. Note the course on 22nd of July can be combined with the Mowing Workshop on 23rd July, see here for further details.

2nd April Workshop is fully booked.

Peening Workshop
Peening Workshop
Price: £40.00
Date :

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