Scythe Blades

We offer blades from two of the leading scythe manufacturers in Europe – The Fux factory of Austria and the Falci factory of Italy.

Fux Blades
Includes meadow blades, short trimming blades and tougher blades for rougher mowing.
Falci Blades
Includes a longer trimming style blade and long meadow blades


“Ready to Mow” scythe blades
For the best performance, new blades should have the lacquer cleaned off the cutting edge and then be edge peened before first use.

For an extra £10, all scythe blades can be supplied prepared and edge peened, making them ready to mow straight from the box. Blades other than the Styria 65 and Profisense 75 are prepared to order and may take longer to dispatch, depending on demand at the time.

“Recieved the new scythe blade, perfectly peened and a real joy to use.”                        Tim, Hants

The chance to buy a “Ready to Mow” Styria 65cm or Profisense 75cm is offered to all course participants at the end of a course at no extra charge.

One Response to Scythe Blades

  1. Belinda Davies says:

    We bought a complete scythe kit last week to share and it is absolutely perfect! We now realise that with a scythe each we can really get going on our meadows and bracken clearing so I am ordering a smaller one for me and I’m very much looking forward to using it.

    We haven’t used a scythe before and we’re amazed at how easy they are to use and how quickly they slice through the bracken and long grass.

    kind regards

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