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Forging a Peening Anvil

If you are looking for a project to see you through the quieter scything season, how about forging your own peening anvil? Here is a well presented guide by Rowan Taylor.

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Christmas Scythes

If you would like a scythe before Christmas, please place your order before 4pm on Wednesday 21st December. This will enable us to meet UPS’ last Christmas shipping date.

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Scything in the city

Here is a lovely little animation featuring some mini urban scythers. Watch right to the end for a little scythe safety tip.

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The Prince and the Barefoot Mowers

Prince Charles loves scything according to the Daily Mail. In the article, Debs Goodenough, Prince Charles’ head gardener, says: ‘Some people even do it barefoot – although not the prince, I have to stress! Over the years, Phil has experienced … Continue reading

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Peening to Keep Mowing

Whilst mowing this morning both Phil and I were sharpening more frequently than usual to keep our blades mowing well – time for a peen. Here is Phil working on my 75cm Profisense ready for tomorrow morning’s mowing. Permaculture Magazine … Continue reading

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Poldarking vs Mowing with Ease

“Poldarking”  is one of the latest words to have entered the scything lexicon. No, it’s not mowing with your top off. Rather, it refers to that style of mowing that seems to be more akin to golf‎ then scything. You … Continue reading

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Spring Trim

With the lighter mornings there is time to slip in a bit of work before breakfast. Here’s Phil using a scythe to tidy up the grass around the annual veg beds. Another useful opportunity to assess the Falci Model 128 … Continue reading

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