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The Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland

For those of you who have not come across it already, do pop over and visit the website of the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland¬†(SABI). The Windrow – a good read SABI produces a newsletter, called The Windrow. Interesting and informative, the latest issue and the back catalog are available to view here. Scythe Local Given the current Covid situation, we’d really like to … Continue reading The Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland »

Mowing a Lawn with a Scythe

We are often asked if it is possible to mow a lawn with a scythe. The answer is yes and there are many people in the UK doing just that! Lawn mowing can be a test of a scythers skill, it takes some thought and practice to do well. Here is a summery of the factors you need to consider if you are thinking of … Continue reading Mowing a Lawn with a Scythe »

The Scythe Masterclass 2019

The Scythe Masterclass 7th and 8th June at the Green Scythe Fair, Muchelney Somerset. The Green Scythe Fair is the highlight of the scything calendar for many mowers. The Scythe Masterclass happens in the run up to the fair. Phil really enjoys being part of the teaching team and we get great feedback from past participants. What makes the Scythe Masterclass so special? It is … Continue reading The Scythe Masterclass 2019 »

How to Make Scything a Pleasure

A scythe and the right conditions can turn cutting grass from a chore to a joy The edges of our forest garden have been getting rather overgrown. I got up early to give them a trim. My effort was well rewarded. The early morning dew and a sharp blade made the grass easy to mow. Add in beautiful surroundings, gentle exercise, bird song and the … Continue reading How to Make Scything a Pleasure »

Spring Cleaning with the Scythe

At last the grass is growing! Spring has been slow to get underway this year, but now it has the garden is beginning to look rather ragged around the edges. Here is how we use the scythe to give the garden a bit of a Spring tidy up. The short video at the end shows some of the mowing techniques we use. Mowing and Creating … Continue reading Spring Cleaning with the Scythe »