Ditch blade Styria 65cm (second)

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A factory second Styria 65cm blade. This blade has specklings of rust under the lacquer across the body of the blade and on some of the cutting edge (see photo, hover over for zoom). This will not affect the blade in use. The rust markings on the cutting edge can be cleaned off with a Garryflex block or emery cloth before use.

Standard blade description

The 65cm Styria is our best selling scythe blade. It’s the ideal blade to replace a strimmer.

A tougher blade that is suitable for mowing rougher grass, weeds, bracken and bramble and over rough ground where there may be stones etc that would damage a finer blade.

When peened it will also neatly cut finer grasses and soft weeds – a multi-purpose blade.

Choice of length depends on the size of area you want to mow and the number of obstacles to mow around. A longer blade gives you more “bite forward” and allows you to mow more with each stroke.The 55cm blade is better in more confined areas. It exerts less leverage on the snath, so causing less stress on the snath when mowing tougher vegetation.


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