Falci 177 “The Dragon” Long Ditch Blade


A long ditch type blade for mowing larger areas of rougher mowing. Ideal for a stronger and more experienced mower mowing reed, bracken or similar



This is a heavier weight blade and at 80cm is longer than the Fux Styria Ditch blades. It’s length is useful if you need to do large amounts of rougher mowing but want to progress faster than the shorter length Styria blades allow.

The stronger and more experienced mower might use this blade when mowing reed, bracken or similar.

It is not as tough as the Styria Ditch blade, and it’s long length will exert more leverage on the snath and more stress on the blade meaning it is not suitable for mowing in areas where tough plants such as mature bramble may be encountered.

Phil mowing reeds in Norfolk with a Falci Dragon

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