Rough Mowing Scythe Set

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This set is intended for people who will be only using their scythe for very rough weeds / brambles, where it is possible to get away without peening your blade. This is really only possible with the Styria blades and you will get a better performance even in these circumstances if you learn to peen!

It is possible to get away with out peening this blade if you use a file to periodically re-shape the edge of the blade. This blade will also cut grass, for best results this requires peening.

Full contents of the set can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Which blade length do I need?

This kit comes with either a 65cm or 55cm blade. The 65cm is generally recommended. The 55cm length is useful in more confined circumstances eg paths less than 3-4ft in width, areas with a lot of obstacles.

Which blade length do I need?
Add a copy of Learn to Scythe by Steve Tomlin to your kit for only £7 (usual price £10).

The best book out there to help you use a scythe, whether you are starting from scratch or looking for a refresher after a course. See our review here

Add a file and Carborundum sharpening stone to your kit for only £6 (usual price £10) to aid with reshaping of the blade edge in place of peeningFlat File

Optional Extras to add to your kit

Which snath length do I need?

Snaths are available in four lengths. The length needed depends on your height.

Your Height———-Snath Number

Less then 5ft ———Size 1 5ft – 5ft 10————-Size 2 (150cm) 5ft 8 – 6ft 4————Size 3 (160cm) 6ft 4 and taller——–Size 4

Once the correct length has been chosen, the scythe can be fine tuned using the adjustable handle positions on the snath such that the set up suits your height and mowing style.

Note: People who are at the edge of the height range may not be sure which snath length to choose.

If your legs are long in proportion to your body length you should choose the longer snath. If they are short in proportion to your body length choose the shorter snath. This should give you the most useful range of adjustment of the handle positions.

Which snath length do I need?
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Each set contains:

One Styria blade

La Saurat Stone

adjustable wooden snath

Adjustable wooden snath, inc movable hand grips, clamp and wedge

Galvanised Metal Stone Sheath for carrying the stone when in the field

Quick Set Up Guide

Quick Set Up Guide

Additional information

Snath Length

1 (small), 2 (medium), 3 (long), 4 (extra-long) (+£6)

Blade Length

55cm, 65cm

Optional Extras

None, File and Carborundum Stone (+£6), Learn to Scythe by Steve Tomlin (+£7), Learn to Scythe, File and Carborundum Stone (+£13)