Standard Scythe Sets

Standard sets contain all the equipment needed to use and maintain your scythe.The contents of each set can be seen to the right. We offer several different sets, each with blade(s) suited to different kinds of mowing.There are blades suitable for mowing meadows, lawns, weeds and rougher mowing – see below for options
Profisense and Styria Fux Scythe Blades

One or two scythe blades. Choice depends on what you will use the scythe for.

adjustable wooden snath

Adjustable wooden snath, inc movable hand grips, clamp and wedge

La Bergamasca

One or two natural Sharpening Stones. For regular sharpening of blade in the field

Galvanised Metal Stone Sheath for carrying the stone when in the field TEMPORARILY REPLACED WITH PLASTIC HOLDER

Peening Jig

Peening Jig What is Peening?

Artificial Stone: Carborundum (medium) for use after peening with the jig

Artificial Stone: Carborundum for use after jig peening

blue rubberised sanding block garryflex

Garryflex block for cleaning the blade prior to peening

Book "Learn to Scythe" by Steve Tomlin. The next best thing to going on a course and an excellent revision if you have been on one

Book “Learn to Scythe” by Steve Tomlin.

Standard Scythe Set Options