Wooden Hay Rakes

We are pleased to be stocking wooden rakes from Rudd’s Rake Factory in Cumbria. John Rudd’s grandfather started the business in the 1890’s and the business is in family hands to this day.

While nowadays people are buying them for many purposes, from raking gravel and gathering autumn leaves to leveling fresh concrete (!), we will be using them for their traditional purpose – hay making.

wooden hay rake

The rakes are light, important if you will be using one for any length of time, and strong. The shaft and head are made of ash, as is the steam bent bow that strengthens the head. The teeth are made from hard-wearing silver birch. The rake is 6″ long and the head is 2′ 6″ wide.

The rakes are available for pick up only, as we haven’t yet found a courier that will take a 6′ rake for a reasonable price! Please contact us if you would like to buy one.

£28 (collection only)

Hay Rake

More information about

Rudd’s Rake Factory


This article is a detailed interview with Mr Rudd with plenty of pictures of the rake making process, including the “Demon Dentist” used to fit the teeth!

Right is a video about the factory.